A strategic discovery that will cost China its chokehold on a key high technology resource

China's long-term program to leverage itself into a dominant position in the global high tech economy took a huge blow last week.  Worst of all, the blow came at the hands of Japan, which remains the most hated foreign rival, thanks to its gruesome military and colonial history.  Jeremy Burke of Business Insider reports: Researchers have found a deposit of rare-earth minerals off the coast of Japan that could supply the world for centuries, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Nature on Tuesday, says the deposit contains 16 million tons of the valuable metals. Rare-earth minerals are used in everything from smartphone batteries to electric vehicles.  By definition, these minerals contain one or more of 17 metallic rare-earth elements (for those familiar with the periodic table, those are on the second row from the bottom). These elements are actually plentiful in layers of the Earth's crust,...(Read Full Post)