Trump's popularity hits new heights - and Dems run scared

In agonizing, painful, miserable news for the Trump-hating left, a new Marist poll finds that President Trump's popularity has reached a new high at 42% approval, the highest it's been since he took office. According to The Hill: Trump's approval rating rose from the 38 percent he received in the poll last month. And the percentage of Americans who strongly approve of Trump held at 24 percent from last month’s survey, an all-time high for the president. At the same time, Trump's disapproval rate, now at 50%, fell four percentage points from 54%. The voters that the Trump haters the left has fed from for the past year, is shrinking. Something has changed. And better still, these good numbers for Trump are a trend. For the rest of us, the trend is your friend. The reason he's up, despite the Beltway's over-covered supposed turmoil at the White House, and the Russia,Russia,Russia obsession of the leftwing press, is not hard to discern....(Read Full Post)