Transvestites, drag queens, court eunuchs: Nancy Pelosi will pander to anyone

Is there anyone too crazy for Nancy Pelosi not to pander to? Apparently not.  Already we know she panders to people who utterly hate her, as her recent drama with the DREAMers demonstrated.  She's also tried to pander to Latinos specifically, based on race, by saying her grandson wished he had their brown skin and brown eyes.  Now she's pandering to people who are laughing at her. Appearing at an oh, so ironic drag queen television derby, run by a professional drag queen whose stage name is RuPaul, the House minority leader from San Francisco pandered away with fake, phony flattery – court eunuch stuff so cheesy that it wouldn't impress even them. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, citing the Hollywood Reporter: Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about her appearance on the show Thursday night, Pelosi said, "This idea of people believing in themselves, being themselves, taking...(Read Full Post)