Speaking of chaos and party divisions

Over the last few days, we've heard a lot about chaos around President Trump.  It's hard to tell just how much of this "chaos" is real or just another anti-Trump rant from the CNN panels.  As for me, I look at the Trump presidency and see a lot of good results, from a good economy to a wonderful new justice in the Supreme Court.  If this is chaos, then please give me more of it. We have not heard much about the chaos in the Democratic Party, as my friend Barry Casselman recently wrote:  Recently, one of the Democrats' most significant state voter ID and GOTV organizations, Wellstone Action in Minnesota, has gone through a controversial reorganization in which the late Senator Paul Wellstone's children and some of his long-time associates were kicked off the group's board.  I saw only one local story about this and none nationally – although this group has been central...(Read Full Post)