Michelle Obama admits her vegetable garden shtick was all a ruse

In the midst of a flap about Washington Post pop fashion writer Robin Givhan getting kicked out of a Black Entertainment Television conference for violating confidentiality, we learn something new about the Real Michelle Obama from Givhan's reporting, first spotted in a buried lede in a New York Post story: "The garden was a subversive act," she said. "You can't go in with guns blazing until people trust you." The passage continues in the Givhan report in the Washington Post here: And there could be no reprimanding.  No finger-wagging.  Because she knew that her finger-wagging, a black woman's finger-wagging, would be both amplified and resented. So she gave herself a bit of advice: Put down your finger and pick up the garden hoe.  "What's more innocent than a garden?" Mrs. Obama said. All to conceal her real agenda by enticing people to trust...(Read Full Post)