Fox News executive VP suddenly out after writing a non-PC article on the Olympics

Fox News appears to have given one of its marquee hosts – Juan Williams – considerable slack for his on-air defense of controversial Nation of Islam head The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  John Moody, a longtime Fox News executive and vice president who authored a column questioning the P.C. nature of this year's Olympics, did not fare so well. Veteran journalist and media executive John Moody was handpicked to join Fox News as a top executive before it launched in 1996.  Earlier in his career, Moody was the Moscow and Paris bureau chief for United Press International.  He then went to work for Time for more than a decade and served as the Latin America, and then Rome, bureau chief for the influential newsweekly.  Moody is the author of four books, including a biography of Pope John Paul II.  At Fox, Moody served as the executive vice president, news editorial of Fox News, where he was...(Read Full Post)