The Democrat program: Insanity, malice, and ignorance

As the actual facts seep out, are leaked out by who knows whom, it is now clear that the Clinton campaign, in cahoots with the DNC; Fusion GPS; and Obama's FBI, DOJ, NSA, and CIA, cooperated as a team to prevent Trump from being elected and, when that failed, prevent his inauguration. After that, it was to see him impeached. Obama was part of the game from the beginning.  John McCain was happy to do his part.  Their plan to "prove" that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the election was a cock-and-bull story from the outset.  The bogus dossier was so poorly written, it would have been, should have been (and probably was) easily recognized as fake.  Legitimate intel officers would never have submitted such a shoddy piece of work to the FBI or to the State Department.  Comey had to know that it was nothing more than bad opposition research.  But he used it to get a FISA warrant anyway.  He...(Read Full Post)