Susan Rice tries posterior-covering, pokes a hornet's nest instead

When the true story of the Obama administration –  the constitutional crimes, the weaponizing of the IRS and the intelligence community, and the help given to Iran’s fanatical dictatorship – is finally told, Susan Rice will be seen as a tragi-comic figure. She’s willing to lie in public, most notoriously on five Sunday morning shows claiming the Benghazi assault was based on a YouTube video seen by a handful of people worldwide, even when those lies are easily exposed. The truth is that Rice is a henchwoman. She’ll do whatever is asked of her in support of those who elevated her to power. But because she’s not that bright, she causes problems worse than the original ones she’s trying to fix. That is the only explanation I can see for the extraordinarily “curious” email she sent to herself in the very last minutes of the Obama administration on Inauguration Day. That email has drawn the attention of Senator Chuck...(Read Full Post)