Sessions is skewered for praising the 'Anglo-American heritage' of law enforcement

Eschewing facts and denying reality is basically a pocket definition of modern liberalism.  Don't like the facts?  Change them.  Hate reality?  Ignore it.  Never was this disconnect more evident than reaction to remarks by Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the common heritage of law and law enforcement we Americans share with Great Britain. ABC News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions sparked controversy Monday after making reference to the "Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement," a comment interpreted by critics as racially insensitive. The remark was made in a speech to the National Sheriffs' Association's winter conference in Washington, D.C., as he thanked those in attendance and outlined the history of their positions in law enforcement. "I want to thank every sheriff in America.  Since our founding, the independently elected sheriff has been the people's protector, who...(Read Full Post)