Let's replace the word 'Trump' with 'Obama' in biased headlines

The liberal media, which bill themselves as non-partisan, are running especially rabid now that President Trump has released his budget containing modest proposed cuts for certain agencies.  Looking at the ferocity of the biased headlines, I wonder what the headlines would look like if Trump's name were replaced with Obama's, as well as adjusting for circumstances. "Trump budget proposal would decimate HUD funding" becomes "Obama budget proposal would decimate Pentagon funding." Did the liberal media ever talk about that during the Obama years? "The Trump Budget's $7.1 Trillion Hole" becomes "The Obama Budget's $9 Trillion Hole." Nine trillion is the amount that Obama added to the debt.  Did you ever read about that anywhere in the mainstream media? Trump's budget wants the US to stop watching the planet becomes Obama's budget wants the US to stop protecting the country Were...(Read Full Post)