Leftwing assassination chic against the Trumps is back

The rabid left was out there in all its revolting glory, commenting on the news that a blameless member of the Trump family, Vanessa Trump, who opened a package containing white powder and was hospitalized for exposure, somehow was a good thing. See the string of disgusting tweets well-preserved for posterity on Twitchy here. Vanessa Trump's only crime, it seems, is that she married Donald Trump, Jr., one of Trump's sons, one who has no government role and zero influence on U.S. politics. She herself has made no public statements, certainly none that would irritate a lefty, and triggered no targeting. Someone just wanted to scare her with a right-in-her-face threat of anthrax poisoning through the sneaky and despicable act of using the U.S. postal service as a vehicle for his or her sick fantasies. Like in New York, after 9/11. I was there as a member of the press when the media was targeted by anthrax packages as a reporter for Forbes magazine and remember it well....(Read Full Post)