Delusional liberalism creates a carjacking crisis in Chicago

Chicago's murder problem may make headlines around the world, but back home in the Windy City, the good folks are worried about the skyrocketing carjacking rate.  The gang warfare that generates the huge body count is confined to a couple of ghetto communities, but drivers of nice cars, and therefore carjackers, are found all over the city.  It's such a political problem for Mayor Rahm Emanuel that he has established a task force to solve the thorny problem.  Or maybe it isn't so thorny at all, as CWB Chicago explains: Chicago leaders including Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson think they've identified a major reason for the city's out-of-control carjacking problem. In 2015, the year before the current rise in vehicular hijackings began to build, Illinois changed the way it handles some juveniles who are charged with the crime. Under the new law, defendants age 15- through...(Read Full Post)