A tale of two bankruptcies

On a musician's forum I participate in, there is a rather sad discussion going on right now about what has happened to the once revered Gibson guitar company – on the verge of total bankruptcy.  How did that come about? The answer is broadly understood and is closely related to what has happened to the Democratic Party. Basically, they both forgot their original customer base.  In Gibson's case, that was working musicians.  In the Dems' case, that was working people. Both entities tried to force people to buy stuff they didn't want – and tried to make them pay prices that continually got higher and higher and higher. When that was no longer working, they – both entities – tried fancy, glossy ads and slogans to build "brand consciousness" and "consumer loyalty."  But the ads and slogans were phony, and people, being people, sensed that in their gut and tuned it all...(Read Full Post)