We're really doing November polls in mid-January?

We all remember the polls that had Mrs. Clinton winning in 2016. What about the two Alabama polls the day before the election?  One poll had Mr. Jones up by 10 and the other Mr. Moore up by 9! The latest poll I read shows that the blue wave may not be forming after all.  This is from The Hill: An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll found that when voters were asked which party's candidate they'd more likely vote for in their district, 46 percent of registered voters said Democrats, while 40 percent went with Republicans.  Nine percent are undecided. That shows a sizable decline from December polling, which found Democrats leading by 13 points on generic ballot polling. Thursday's poll found more welcome news for Republicans among registered voters who identify as independents.  Among those voters, Republicans led by 2 points, with 38 percent of those voters saying they'd vote for the GOP...(Read Full Post)