Black is the new color of liberal hypocrisy

Proving once again that Washington D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people, some female legislators plan to wear black to President Donald J. Trump's (R) State of the Union address next week, mimicking their Hollywood sisters and daughters who last month protested their new discovery of gross male inappropriate sexual behavior in the entertainment workplace. Democratic female legislators that is because most -- but not all of course -- of these allegations in Hollywood and Washington are aimed at men who are Democrats. Who profess – publicly -- great respect for women. And donate generously to Democratic and/or liberal causes. Graciously, in the great liberal inclusive sudden awakening, Republican women are invited to join the somber wearing herd of (non)independent Democratic minds. Granted that the Washington D.C. women are really not ugly. And there will be no pre-event red carpet preening of their black outfits which will definitely be more...(Read Full Post)