Time to beat up on New Jersey again: Trump tax cuts edition

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), who previously spent time working for a "spin shop" that helped bail out Wall Street and AIG, is now trying to create a taxpayer-funded Washington bailout fund of his own – this time, to protect his political future and the elites that benefit from it. Gottheimer's proposal isn't new.  It's akin to what has already been proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is up for re-election in New York, as well as California Senate president pro tem Kevin de Leon, who is desperate for a big political win to unseat incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein this year.  However, the Gottheimer case study without question reveals the hypocrisy and self-serving motives of these Democrats better than the rest. The sweat is finally starting to drip from the faces of the tax relief-detractors up for re-election, but Gottheimer, dealing with one of 2018's most high-profile congressional races, is likely sweating much more...(Read Full Post)