Terry McAuliffe and Chris Matthews indulge in thuggish fantasy about physically beating up President Trump

Media and political progressive elites are back at their pastime of fantasizing about violence against the president of the United States.  Undeterred by the attempted mass assassination of GOP House members playing baseball (from which Rep. Steve Scalise is still recovering and in need of further surgery), they offer their rabid Trump- and GOP-hating supporters violent imagery applied to those of whose politics they disapprove. Yesterday, a sitting governor and close ally of Hillary Clinton imagined himself in a presidential debate with President Trump and offered a fantasy of the violence he would use on a sitting president if his personal space were encroached upon.  "You would have to pick him up off the floor." Matthews laughed at the image of a sitting president "decked" and knocked down to the floor and went on to use a negative stereotype about men of Irish extraction: "You sound like an Irish-American...(Read Full Post)