So why hasn't anyone ever seen Trump's supposed dementia?

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Eddie Scarry makes a good point asking how, if President Trump really is in the throes of dementia – can't read, doesn't learn, etc., as so many of Michael Wolff's supposed White House whisperers claim – why hasn't the public actually seen any of this? Wolff points out that Trump is a man who is continuously seen in public, far more so than any of his political rivals: Where was this version of Trump when giving one of his dozens of interviews, hosting his rallies, or delivering public remarks at any point between 2015 and now? Yes, Trump mostly spoke extemporaneously during the campaign, often repeating words and themes, a phenomenon otherwise known as speaking aloud. But he's also delivered dozens of speeches off teleprompters, proving he can actually read, frequently going off-script to offer commentary and then returning to the prepared remarks. During the campaign, from January to September...(Read Full Post)