Project Veritas exposes Twitter 'shadow-banning'

The latest bombshell from Project Veritas may be the most significant exposé of social media ever. James O'Keefe turned his hidden camera and microphone on Twitter employees, and what he found should shake our democracy to its core.  Twitter, which piously professes strict political neutrality, practices significant censorship of the "way people talk" on the platform. PJ Media: Abhinav Vadrevu, a former Twitter software engineer, explained how "shadow[-]banning" works at a San Francisco restaurant on January 3, 2018. "One strategy is to shadow[-]ban so you have ultimate control," he explained.  "The idea of a shadow[-]ban is that you ban someone but [he doesn't] know [he's] been banned, because [he keeps] posting and no one sees [his] content.  So [he] just think[s] that no one is engaging with [his] content, when in reality, no one is seeing it." And it's only going...(Read Full Post)