Privatizing the wall

President Trump's promise to "build the wall" has been much delayed.  Its funding seems mired in multiple other immigration-related problems, and given the contentious history of such legislation, construction may wait years. For those who want faster action, there is an option: partially privatize it.  To be sure, private citizens can do only so much, but one must start somewhere, and to wait until Congress acts is unnecessary. With that in mind, let me suggest several private fundraising options. Plaques.  Visitors to any New York City hospital, museum, or concert hall will see countless brass plaques honoring donors, ranging from naming entire buildings to more modest ones at the entrances of waiting rooms.  With a border wall stretching for miles, hundreds of sponsorship opportunities exist.  A "benefactor" might donate $1,000 for a one-foot section, a "patron" $10,000 for a ten-foot section, and so on....(Read Full Post)