Path to disaster: The Salem #MeToo trials

I heard Ms. Winfrey's comments at the Golden Globes earlier this week.  I certainly appreciate the problems of sexual harassment and Oprah's efforts to rid the workplace of this problem.  Certainly, this needs to be corrected, and men, or women, who take advantage of their power to force people into sexual situations need to be punished.  At the same time, I'm still a little uncomfortable with the movement for two reasons. If I was accused of some impropriety by a girl when I was growing up, the attitude of the adult population was automatically biased in favor of the girl.  Because I was a boy, I was automatically guilty of whatever I was accused of and punished accordingly.  I didn't have any power, and I still don't.  Listening to Ms. Winfrey, as well as other women commenting on this movement, I always feel that their wrath is directed at all men.  Regardless of what's been said, or how...(Read Full Post)