Nancy Pelosi whoops it up with Democrats over government shutdown at a tony DC restaurant

Maybe they were whooping it up. Or maybe they were crying in their beer. One thing that's certain is that Democrats, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, were doing it in luxury at one of Washington's toniest restaurants, as the measure to fund the government failed. According to Scott Wong at The Hill, the wake of the late-night government shutdown sent congressional members skittering all over town for their dinners: Members fan out across DC for dinner. Spotted Alabama lawmaker grabbing pizzas at Matchbox on Barracks Row; Dems heading to Acqua al 2 — Scott Wong (@scottwongDC) January 21, 2018   Politico's Jake Sherman had the same scoop but mangled the name of the restaurant a little, allowing it to be confused with a raunchy-looking bar with much of the same name.   PELOSI hosting a dinner for all House Dems tonight at aqua al 2..... — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 20, 2018   But there was...(Read Full Post)