More politics than music at the Grammys - and Nikki Haley smacks it down

Is the flat, metallic, anodyne voice of Hillary Clinton really the best example of the art of "spoken word" as the Grammys would have it? According to a skit of the former presidential candidate and Democratic Party manque, it's the most excellent thing, a work of art, and well equivalent to any music award. How low Hollywood is falling. They don't even try to be in the entertainment business anymore. They will do anything to make their show all about politics, making ‘spoken word’ an opportunity to spread propaganda. We are supposed to appreciate the spoken word as a sort of art form at these awards but what we see in this skit is a nakedly political set of canards, from a book by an admitted liar, Michael Wolff, put in front of us as art. And incredibly, it was politics on top of politics to see it this time. At a time when the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal has triggered the politicized #metoo movement with the wearing of white...(Read Full Post)