Math as white privilege doesn't add up

I took the time to read an article about a professor who thinks math promotes white privilege.  Her theory boils down to all of the noteworthy accomplishments in math seem to have been done by white people, therefore it encourages non-white people to think they can't do math.  I don't know whom she blames for the math blocks that some white kids have.  I also don't know why she thinks people who aren't white are so weak-minded that they believe they can't do everything white people can do.  Math is a human capability, and the degree of ease with which it can be done varies, as all human capabilities do. She also seems unfamiliar with Srinivasa Ramanujan, the non-white inventor and discoverer of advanced mathematics I can't even begin to describe.  Very few people of any color can understand his work. I've never understood the alleged need non-whites are purported to have for role models.  Is...(Read Full Post)