Joseph Kennedy III: It Happened Again In Fall River, MA

(With no apologies to Lizzie Borden.) Rep Joseph Kennedy lll (D-MA) is a Democratic party hack who tried -- and failed -- to give the opposition a few whacks.  And when his fellow (sexist I know) hacks saw what he had done, couldn't deliver another one. Thomas Lifson adds: Posing Joey Three Sticks – who bears considerable resemblance to Ted Kennedy – in front of a wrecked car and near Chappaquiddick was visual Freudian slip in my book. And who was it that smeared Vaseline (or was it drool?) on the corners of his mouth? Apparently, the Democratic Party hierarchy, in thrall to the gerontocracy that dominates the presidential bench, sees nobody between the age of 40 and 70 worthy of attention.  And the "youth" they went for is a scion of a fading dynasty. Sorry, middle aged Democrats: your generation has nothing to offer. Senator Bernie Sanders (independent socialist hack pretending to be a Democrat when convenient now a...(Read Full Post)