A better system of immigration: Auctioning immigration visas

Our current system of legal immigration is a mess.  Legally, we admit only 675,000 new immigrants every year.  This number doesn't count immigrants who are made citizens as part of chain migration, which can raise that 675,000 number enormously.  There are nearly 500,000 permanent visas given to family members, some of whom count toward this 675,000 total and some of whom don't (it's complicated!).  There are 140,000 slots for employment-based immigrants as part of the total as well.  There are also per country ceilings so that no country may contribute more than 7% of the total immigrant population, putting China on an even level with Guatemala. Then, of course, there are refugees, and the president can, every year, set whatever limit he likes, however high he likes.  In 2016, that number was 85,000.  Also, there is the Diversity Lottery, giving 55,000 visas to completely random...(Read Full Post)