Who should really be on the Time magazine 'Silence Breakers' cover?

The Time magazine Person of the Year can still be "The Silence Breakers," but the picture should be of five of the multitude of journalists who maintained silence for decades and participated in the cover-up and protection of powerful men who have been serial abusers. Instead, Time put five women on the cover, indicating that women have wanted to be silent.  Several women were willing to speak up in the 1990s about how they were abused by Bill Clinton, but Time and other media outlets intentionally stifled their voices.  These women have been out there for the past two decades, and very few journalists showed any interest at all.  In 2016, they showed up before a presidential debate, and Time and most news outlets still didn't care.  I guess we can all say is that it's about time that Time magazine all of a sudden cares about sexual abuse in 2017. Think of how many women and young girls might not have been abused by powerful men like...(Read Full Post)