What Democrats' full-court Franken press really means

If the Democrats get anything right, it is the uniformity of a working script.  They are good at forming a chorus of clapping seals.  And they have so much more party discipline than the Republicans.  When it's time to run with a script, they choreograph it all and get everyone on the same page beforehand. There are no sudden coincidences of conscience.  This has zero to do with morality or a person's inner belief system. Yesterday, Kirsten Gillinbrand New York, Patty Murray of Washington, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Kamala Harris of California, and Maggie Hasan of New Hampshire along with Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, Joe Donnelly, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, and Dick Durbin all went on a full frontal assault on Senator Al Franken, demanding his resignation. Apparently, as a strategy, this was all discussed prior as a game plan before the media got to lap it up, since no one person acting alone has an individual conscience in...(Read Full Post)