Why Trump's Jerusalem move is triggering a chain reaction

There's nothing like a little U.S. leadership.  President Trump's announcement that he is moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is seeing a heartening chain reaction as other nations follow our lead.  Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu says he's hearing from all kinds of nations now.  And the reasons are as much internal to the states following President Trump's lead as they are supportive of Israel.  It seems that to affirm Israel is to affirm oneself. The Czech Republic wasted no time declaring that it, too, would be moving its capital to Jerusalem.  It makes sense, yet it's a little bit curious.  The move has none of the religious overtones that fueled the move in the U.S.  The Czechs are one of the most atheistic countries in Europe.  But there are other factors: the Czechs surely wanted to throw a sopping mop into the face of their European Union masters, who are attempting to foist millions of angry...(Read Full Post)