Trump to Abbas: Negotiate

Different observers see different motives for President Trump's U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  European leaders such as the French president and the pope see in Mr. Trump a naïf desperately out of touch with sensibilities of the region, unwittingly adding fuel to raging Middle East conflicts.  Muslim potentates like Erdoğan and Khamenei see an infidel stretching his greedy arms to a piece of holiness that by the natural order of things can only be in Islamic possession, under their sovereignty and control.  Observers of the American political scene see a president chafing under a semi-annual obligation to sign a waiver on the congressional mandate to move the embassy to Jerusalem, which he sees as a loud public reminder of a broken election promise.  Trump wants to get rid of this embarrassment, come what may. To my eye, however, we see a highly intelligent move by a skilled negotiator who sees one of the parties to...(Read Full Post)