Should conservatives emigrate from Virginia?

Are you a conservative living in the state of Virginia?  Do you feel like an undocumented taxpayer?  If so, it's completely understandable, given the increasingly leftward tilt of the state. Consider: 1) The last two governors elected were Democrats.  The current one, Terry McAuliffe, was what Mark Levin calls the "bag man" for the Clintons. 2) Both senators are Democrats. 3) In fact, Republicans don't hold a single statewide office in Virginia. 4) In the last presidential election, while strongly Democratic states like Michigan were going for Trump, Hillary Clinton won the state easily. 5) The Republicans can barely hold on to the legislature in what is now basically a 50-50 split.  They can't win the legislature even with gerrymandered maps heavily in their favor.  Do you see the handwriting on the wall? 6) A Republican state assemblyman was defeated for re-election by a man disguised as a woman.  Remember,...(Read Full Post)