Remainers: Their 'Brexit lies' and 'fake news'

  One thing that can be said is that some – or even many – Remainers have been lying about what they call "Brexit lies": those lies said to have occurred during and since the referendum.  They've also massively exaggerated both the political significance and psychological power of those supposed lies.  Basically, in order for such large masses of people – over 17 million – to have succumbed to lies during the Brexit campaign (as well as after), they must have suffered from "false consciousness."  Yes, Remainers have resurrected that ancient left-wing concept.  There are, of course, variations on this theme, such as arguing that Brexiteers have been "brainwashed by the mainstream media."  Or that the Daily Mail or Sun "told them what to think" about the E.U. and our relationship with it. Clearly, the arrogance of these left-wing and Lib-Dem metropolitans knows no bounds.  The...(Read Full Post)