Kasich's bill to protect the unborn with Down syndrome raises some questions

Ever the muddlehead who means well, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a law making it a crime to discriminate against Down syndrome children in the decision to abort them. According to the Daily Wire: On Friday, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill that prohibits doctors from performing abortions on infants prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. The bill, referred to as the "Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act," made its final passage through the state legislature on December 13, moving on to the governor’s desk to be officially signed. The move was hailed by both pro-life and Down syndrome advocacy groups, who note that genocidally large numbers of children with this condition are suctioned, sliced, and sold for spare parts in the abortion mills of America. In Europe, already famous for its holocausts and genocides, the problem is even more atrocious than here.  Daily Wire reports: The radical and barbaric practice...(Read Full Post)