Are they anti-Trump or anti-America?

In 2008, while Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency, many Americans were deeply concerned about his background as well as his ideology.  Among many other issues, they were profoundly disturbed by his admitted friendships with Marxist professors and assorted socialists and anti-American zealots.  His notion of wealth redistribution was also, at that time, a concept foreign to Americans, who had always believed that success and wealth come from hard work, not redistribution by the state.  His critics were afraid that the country was about to elect a president like no other, a president whose values were antithetical to American values, and a president who saw only America's flaws, not its greatness.  Just before his election, Obama proclaimed: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."  It was one of the most disturbing and prophetic statements ever uttered by an...(Read Full Post)