Tucker Carlson: The Democrats have debased American politics

A brilliant and hard-hitting analysis and commentary that went deep into the subject of what's happening politically in this country in the wake of Tuesday's election results was offered by Tucker Carlson halfway into his Fox News program (8 P.M. E.T.) Wednesday evening. The takeaway from the three major contests in Tuesday's state and local elections was variously interpreted, depending on the ideology of the analyst.  It was either the beginning of the end for President Trump and the Republicans – a predictor of a coming "blue wave" Republican rout in 2018, according to Donna Brazile – or a potential anomaly that does not reflect the true mood of the larger anti-establishment electorate that resulted in President Trump's victory one year ago. The fact is that the Democrats enjoyed significant built-in advantages in the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey and the New York City mayoral contest that...(Read Full Post)