Serial accuser Gloria Allred strikes again

Judge Roy Moore is the latest alleged sexual predator of self-proclaimed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred's alleged victims.  Allred has had years of experience perfecting the press conference format in which her teary-eyed victims sob their sometimes decades-old stories of victimization. If the alleged perpetrator is a Republican candidate, the timing must be just right.  In the case of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, it happened as his campaign gained momentum.  In the case of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, it must be after he won the Republican primary, not before.  One suspects that had Roy Moore lost his primary to establishment Republican Luther Strange, none of Allred's current parade of victims would have surfaced. After Herman Cain abandoned his presidential run, Moore's accusers have yet to answer the question: after Moore's decades of public service, why now?  Allred's litany of Cain victims quickly left the...(Read Full Post)