Moore hypocrisy

The current controversy surrounding Judge Moore provides conservatives with an ideal opportunity to call out the hypocrisy of the amoral atheistic left.  This is long overdue.  For starters, the left considers all of the following OK or even good: 1. Rampant pornography, supposedly protected by the 1st Amendment as freedom of "political speech," which corrupts children from a very young age. 2. Rampant sexual promiscuity by young people, often starting in their early teens.  This is so pervasive that young men and women are ridiculed for being virgins. 3. Rampant displays of sexuality, many of which are unavoidable.  Sexual images invade all aspects of our culture on the internet, movies, billboards, magazines, video games, and more. 4. Acceptance of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle and insisting we all agree. 5. Extramarital affairs being widely accepted, with websites set up to encourage and help them. 6. Elites in Hollywood and...(Read Full Post)