Hannity Goes on Offense as Attempts to Purge Him Continue

The bitter and dirty controversy swirling around the U.S. Senate candidacy of Roy Moore that has involved talk show host Sean Hannity continued on Wednesday with no resolution or end in sight. Hannity’s Tuesday evening challenge to Moore to come forward with a coherent defense against the charges of sexual impropriety leveled against him resulted in the release of a 3-page statement from Moore and a press conference in Birmingham by his attorney and campaign representatives on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Washington Post, the source of the original charges that exploded last Thursday, published allegations by two new accusers on Wednesday evening at 8:09 P.M. E.S.T. The two women were in their late teens in 1977 and working at a local Alabama mall when they now allege that Moore, at the time 30 years old, tried to pick them up for dates and forced a kiss on one of them. Also on Wednesday, another accuser, the subject of an article at al.com, claimed “Roy Moore groped her...(Read Full Post)