AP plays radical chic with the Colombian guerrillas

The Associated Press has come out with a treacly, coddling, awww story about Colombia's wonderful narco-terrorist guerrillas getting free state money to broadcast communist propaganda. That's the gist of the superficially reported story headlined "Colombia rebels trade combat for cameras with new TV network." It shows the mainstream media's soft spot for leftist causes and its nonstop romanticization of terrorists. Because sure, it sounds innocuous enough.  What could be more wonderful than previously jailed terrorists turning their lives around and becoming TV announcers?  You know – the old story of downfall and redemption?  The Sorosian "narrative" of incarceration bad, let-'em-out good?  The AP starts with: The live program is produced by Nueva Colombia Noticias, a budding video network started by former guerrillas with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia that aims to offer an alternative to...(Read Full Post)