Trump will sign executive order today changing the nature of Obamacare

The president will sign an executive order today that undoes at least some of the damage incurred when Democrats passed Obamacare. In fact, Trump's order will repeal two key parts of Obamacare that made insurance so expensive.  First, his order will allow small businesses and individuals the opportunity to band together to purchase insurance that would be exempt from many of the onerous mandatory coverage required by Obamacare.  This will make health insurance more attractive to younger, healthier consumers who have mostly stayed away from Obamacare plans, driving up the cost of premiums and making it nearly impossible for insurance companies to make money. The order attacks the very heart of Obamacare, which forces people to pay for coverage they don't need or want. The second change will also benefit consumers who wish to purchase shorter-term health care plans.  It will extend the time consumers can use these plans from three months to a...(Read Full Post)