'To Kill a Mockingbird' removed from school reading list because it 'makes people uncomfortable'

A book that was written to make Americans uncomfortable about race relations is being removed from the reading list of a school in Biloxi, MS because "it makes people uncomfortable." And I thought I had heard it all. Indianapolis Star: A Mississippi School Board's decision to strike the classic novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" from the eighth-grade curriculum has reignited questions over when, if at all, a book should be banned from a classroom. After receiving complaints that some of the language in the book made some uncomfortable, the Biloxi School District pulled the book from Language Arts classes, the Clarion-Ledger reported. Harper Lee's tale of a racial inequality in a Southern town, was originally published in 1960. The book, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, is set in the 1930s, when Lee was a child, and uses language common for the time, including a derogatory term for African-Americans.  Local...(Read Full Post)