Did Obama use Fusion GPS as a vehicle to do his own spying on Trump?

President Obama's never-ending campaign organization, Organizing for America, gave $972,000 to Perkins Coie, the high-powered Washington law firm that also funneled some $9 million to Fusion GPS, the Washington "opposition research" firm that procured the phony "Trump dossier."  The Federalist's Sean Davis has an excellent, well explained report.  It raises questions as to whether Team Obama actually procured the phony dossier as a pretext to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on then-president-elect Trump. To be fair, it's not known whether the $972,000 that went to Perkins Coie really moved onward to Fusion GPS and all its nefarious operations.  But we do know that the White House spied on Trump and leaked its findings to the press.  A look at how that FISA warrant was obtained and on what pretext would be most instructive. The timing and other details of the OFA payment are suspicious, according to The Federalist....(Read Full Post)