College athletes kneel for anthem because America 'not worth being proud of'

Back in the early 1980s, some conservatives began raising the alarm about the rising tide of anti-Americanism in primary and secondary public schools.  "History" textbooks became "social studies" textbooks.  Teaching the incredible story of America's founding was given short shrift, inspiring stories of individual Americans were omitted in favor of highlighting our many faults, and teaching a form of "social history" that concentrated on those who were oppressed in the past. There is nothing wrong with teaching the complex and problematic history of America's past.  But not at the expense of the truth.  In fact, the amazing story of our founding and growth as a bastion of individual liberty and democracy was deliberately buried to inculcate a false consciousness about America to which few could feel pride. After nearly 50 years of indoctrination, those efforts have born bitter fruit.  PJ Media: Two...(Read Full Post)