Burqa ban in Austria signals coming political earthquake

A Austrian law banning the full face covering of women, known as the "Burqa Ban," will go into effect today and strong support for the law may signal a rightward shift in a nation governed from the center since the end of World War II. National elections are looming on October 15 and support for the burga ban by the two nationalist parties could propel them to power in a coalition government. Associated Press: The Austrian law — called “Prohibition for the Covering of the Face” — forbids off-slope ski masks, surgical masks outside hospitals and party masks in public. Violations carry a possible fine of 150 euros (nearly $180) and police are authorized to use force with people who resist showing their faces. But its popular name reflects the most prevalent association — the garments some Muslim women wear to conceal their whole faces and bodies. The garments are rare in Austria even after the recent surge of migrants into...(Read Full Post)
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