Another thing to thank Obamacare's enablers McCain, Paul, Murkowski, and Collins for

Obamacare buyers in California, willing or not, are about to be slapped with another 12.5% surcharge on top of their already built-into-the-cake 12.5% surcharge, making the cost of buying insurance on the individual market higher than ever and Obamacare itself even more detested.  More cost, less choice, and fewer services is the ever spiraling endgame, and the people stuck in the individual market can't take their business elsewhere.  In California, it's either force the consumers to eat the higher costs or see the state devolve into a one-provider entity as insurers flee. The media are yelling that it's all President Trump's fault for not shipping more subsidy cash out to one class of buyers stuck in the individual market known the "silver plans."  In reality, it's the design of the system itself, made intentionally complex by its architects such as Jonathan Gruber, such that the only way to keep it afloat is...(Read Full Post)