A modest proposal for NFL owners

The NFL owners will be meeting next week.  I think I've come up with something that just might appease all concerned. The first thing the NFL must do is define the purpose of the playing of the National Anthem.  This might be more difficult than it sounds, especially in today's divided society.  In addition, according to a recent exposé, the patriotism shown at NFL games may not be all that genuine (although it is unclear as to whether this practice persists).  However, if they can somehow thread that most delicate of needles, it can be done.  Here is how they can pull that thread: Declare the following: "The purpose for the playing of the National Anthem is to remind players, coaches, and fans alike that no matter whom we want to win and who actually does win, this is just a game, and we are all one nation.  We salute one flag; we sing one anthem.  To this purpose, it is incumbent on all players to project this...(Read Full Post)