Non-citizen voting in Philadelphia looks more feature than bug

Hey, it was just a glitch.  Not a feature, just a bug. Such is the timid "narrative" Philadelphia's city commissioner, Al Schmidt, would have you believe, even though he's the city's electoral overseer, who brought up the matter of more than 1,160 ineligible immigrants registered to vote in U.S. elections in his home state of Pennsylvania, with 317 of them in Philadelphia.  And those are the honest ones who realized they were registered and voting illegally and who wanted their registrations canceled. The problem emerged from a computer flaw in the city's motor-voter registration system that allowed declared non-citizens to register to vote anyway.  Schmidt said the voting was probably accidental.  It didn't affect the outcome of the election.  It wasn't fraud.  Blah, blah, blah.  But he suspected that the problem was more widespread than Philadelphia and wanted a full state audit of all...(Read Full Post)