GOP is dead, Obamacare is alive

Remember back in 2012 when then-vice president Joe Biden told us, "Bin Laden is dead; General Motors is alive"?  The good old days.  That was also around the time Senators John McCain and Lisa Murkowski promised to repeal Obamacare – along with a bunch of other Republicans seeking re-election to Congress. Fast forward to 2017.  The new catchphrase is "GOP is dead; Obamacare is alive."  At least their credibility is dead, buried in the rubble of broken campaign promises: not only Obamacare repeal, but also tax cuts, immigration enforcement, balanced budgets, reduced spending, and so on. Repeal and replace, as a promise, was simple enough on the campaign trail.  We heard this promise in 2010, when voters gave the House to Republicans.  We heard it again in 2012, when voters gave them the Senate.  Despite their controlling Congress, Obamacare remained alive and well.  Candidate Donald Trump, along with...(Read Full Post)