Football with a side of sanctimony

The NFL is going through a nightmare.  Its employees are at war with its customers.  The players wouldn't put it that way, of course.  They say they're simply raising awareness of a serious social problem.  But the fans want nothing to do with it. Starbucks tried something similar.  In 2015, the coffee company encouraged its baristas to engage customers in conversations about race.  This effort was terminated within a week, amid a firestorm of criticism, indignation, and jokes.  Their customers didn't want coffee served with self-righteousness back then, and football fans don't want to watch sanctimonious football players now. The NFL could stop this anytime it wants.  In July 2016, for example, the league prohibited Dallas players from wearing decals in support of five Dallas policemen who had been killed in an ambush.  But the very next month, when a quarterback refused to respect our anthem and its flag, the NFL did...(Read Full Post)
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