PM Trudeau's words have consequences

Like the rider on a pretty pony who gets a standing ovation at the circus, P.M. Justin Trudeau of Canada has done a lot of politically correct dancing and prancing in the world arena. He is cute and telegenic, does not talk like Trump, speaks in bigger generalities than Obama, and has a bunch of refugees coming into Canada:   The crowd of asylum seekers who gathered the other day outside this city's Olympic Stadium, their temporary home, hailed from across the globe.  They had fled violence, poverty, persecution and, some say, President Trump, often with only a suitcase to their name and a wisp of hope that Canada will allow them to stay. They are part of a new surge of mostly Haitian migrants who have illegally crossed into Quebec by the hundreds every day over the past several weeks, walking over a ditch at the end of a dead-end road in upstate New York.  They are seeking to benefit from a loophole in a treaty between the two countries that...(Read Full Post)